How to install a hard drive in your computer?

If you are running out of storage space on your hard drive, it may make sense to install an additional hard drive. This is actually quite simple and requires about 15 minutes and some screwdrivers to open your computer case.

Part One:

First thing is to shut down your computer and remove the power cable. Find a clean dust-free flat surface to place your computer on. Next you will need to figure out how to open the case to access the internal components. Once you have the case open touch any metal part of the inside to ground yourself, this eliminates static charges which may damage electrical circuits.

Locate the hard drive and the ribbon cable that connects it to the machine. Connect the new hard drive to the secondary connector on the ribbon cable. Some computers don’t have the secondary connector so you may need to replace the ribbon connector also. Connect the power cable to the hard drive and slide the hard drive into the bay and use the screws that came with it to secure it into place in the available slot. Close the computer cover and plug the power cable back in, connect your monitor and everything.

Part Two:

Turn on the computer. Wait for your computer to do its startup procedure, typically the computer will recognize there is a new drive, use the Autodetect option and press enter, then select the default settings for your drives.

If your system does not recognize the new drive you can go into My Computer, locate the drive and right-click and Format the disk. Select the correct capacity of hard disk space if prompted.