Why are DVD's crashing or freezing my computer?


Hi, I am using a notebook PC running Windows XP. When I play DVDs all is fine until suddenly it just freezes. I can't press any buttons or anything, the computer is completely unresponsive. I can take the DVD out of the drive but the computer is still frozen. I have to kill the power to restart the computer. What could be causing this? I tried two different video players and it happened with both.


Usually when a computer starts acting up after it has been working normally for awhile, the problem is a misbehaving Windows driver, or some other new software that was loaded. Try using DriverAgent to hunt down the missing drivers and repair the system. That is usually the fastest way to fix video problems with your computer.

Since you are running Windows XP Professional, another way would be to use System Restore. System Restore is a Windows XP Professional program that regularly backs up your Window's Registry.

To start System Restore, go to Start, go to Accessories, go to System Tools, go to System Restore. Choose Restore your computer to earlier time then click Next. Then use the calendar to select a restore point when you think your system was functioning normally. Windows XP will then load the Registry from the date you selected.

Any programs or hardware drivers loaded after the Restore date probably will not function because they no longer exist in the older Registry. You can undo any restore you make or choose another restore point. It does not delete files from your hard drive.